"Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff."

-Harvey Pekar



You wouldn't recognize me anymore. I'm not the 8-year-old boy running carefree in the front yard with a football. I'm not the 15-year-old teen with awkward bangs just learning how to drive. 

25 Years of "End Of The Road"


It's summertime in the year 1992. You can't get this new song out of your head. It's been playing on all the top 40 stations in town. It's slowly becoming the hit of the summer, but it's bigger than that.

3 Reasons to Leave a Church


There’s been a lot of talk recently on blogs and social media about the church; more specifically on leaving the church.  There are some great reasons to stay at a church through various ups and downs, but there are also some good reasons to seek fellowship elsewhere.


His sons are the literal sun he orbits around. He’s focused on their basketball skills and getting them prestige and, yes, money. Lavar Ball is focused on building a brand. 

You Need to Watch 13 Reasons Why


What you'll hear from many culture critics (especially Christian ones) is that 13 Reasons is vulgar (it is), explicit (it is), and glorifies suicide (it might). Those critiques are fair, but the concept of the show is reaches beyond its own story and into the lives of its viewer.

The Uncomfortable Activism of Muhammad Ali


He was cooler than cool but was such with purpose. He was a man that floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee, and ripped through American culture like a tornado. 



This is for the kids. Mostly. You need guidance. I've seen you stressing over gifts and Elf on the Shelf positions. Follow these five things and you'll be a lot better off. We all will.

Saying "I Love You" Isn't Enough


My parents could have easily said a simple "I love you" each day, and it would have sufficed. But as I look back on it, I remember adding "I'm proud of you" that that sentiment of love meant more to me than anything else.

Feminism is not an F-Word

Women want respect. They don't want power, though that comes with respect. They don't want more money, though that will come when they're noticed for doing jobs equal to men.