A Possible Oasis in the Manchester Desert

The Manchester benefit concert will have Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, U2, and Coldplay performing. For music fans in England, however, those acts won't compare to the possibility of seeing Oasis perform in all their glory for the first time in 8 years.

The Gospel of the Man in Black

Johnny Cash would be 85 years old today if he were still around. His legacy obviously lives on through his songs. But unlike most great musicians who pass on and leave a legacy of little more than great musical artistry, Cash did more. His legacy was loving those that nobody else would dare love. His legacy was connecting with those nobody else dared to connect with.

The Ten Best Country Love Songs of the 90s

Country music has long been a mirror of life in the rural towns of America. It encompasses the dirt roads and the flyover states, the mill worker and the farmer, the lazy days on the lake and the harsh summers begging for raindrops. And of all the peaks and valleys in life, there's always a love song or two we can pull from the country music file.

If Jimi Hendrix Loved God

Jimi Hendrix might not have known God like we do. But He did something well so many of us fail to ever begin to do. Hendrix took the ordinary gift of music he had and transformed it. 

Juicy or Regulate? Crowning the Best Rap Song of 1994

In the glossary of hip-hop music, you could not put the 1990's as a chapter unto itself. You must dictate chapters to individual years in the decade. This speaks to the depth of quality the genre birthed in the 1990's, in particular, the mid-90's which saw a burgeoning rise in gangsta rap along with melodic hip-hop mixed with R&B vocals. What we're going to do here is talk about 90's rap songs specific to 1994. More specifically, we are going to discuss which rap song from that year was the best: Warren G's "Regulate" or Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy"?

Relating to Judd Apatow's Story of "Love"

Love is inaccessible in the way that you can't figure out how Mickey and Gus will eventually fit together. They're common with their oddities (which make their characters enjoyable), but different enough in their interests that this seems to be a love story doomed for failure. But do you ever remember a Judd Apatow story not ending on a good note?

My Eulogy for Grantland

The beauty of it all was that this was a site for us: a site for millennials. Where else would you go to get caught up on the weekend's NFL action but also read a breakdown on the history of Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life"?