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Who Was the Second-Best Female R&B Group of the 90s? An Elimination Game

R&B was never better, and may never be better than it was in the 90s. The collective soul sound from the 70s and 80s meshed well with the new jack style and meteoric rise of hip-hop during the decade and produced phenomenal hits. Many hits came from the female super groups of the 90s. This is a relatively thorough attempt at ranking these groups through the means of the elimination game. Not just ranking them, but finding the second-best female R&B group of the 90s. 

A Possible Oasis in the Manchester Desert

The Manchester benefit concert will have Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, U2, and Coldplay performing. For music fans in England, however, those acts won't compare to the possibility of seeing Oasis perform in all their glory for the first time in 8 years.

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The Ten Best Country Love Songs of the 90s

Country music has long been a mirror of life in the rural towns of America. It encompasses the dirt roads and the flyover states, the mill worker and the farmer, the lazy days on the lake and the harsh summers begging for raindrops. And of all the peaks and valleys in life, there's always a love song or two we can pull from the country music file.

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Juicy or Regulate? Crowning the Best Rap Song of 1994

In the glossary of hip-hop music, you could not put the 1990's as a chapter unto itself. You must dictate chapters to individual years in the decade. This speaks to the depth of quality the genre birthed in the 1990's, in particular, the mid-90's which saw a burgeoning rise in gangsta rap along with melodic hip-hop mixed with R&B vocals. What we're going to do here is talk about 90's rap songs specific to 1994. More specifically, we are going to discuss which rap song from that year was the best: Warren G's "Regulate" or Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy"?

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Tell Me All Your Thoughts On God (and Music in the 90's)

If the 1980's was the decade of excess, then the 1990's was the "toned down with cautious introspection decade". Sure, the music of the 90's was riddled with party anthems and obnoxious dance songs (thanks Macarena and Mambo No. 5). In the snippets of thought-provoking lyrics, however, many secular artists found curious ways to intermingle God into their songs. 

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22 Years Later, "Jeremy" is More Haunting Than Ever

Anyone that knows grunge music at all, or rock music in the 1990’s knows about “Jeremy”. We know his story and how it ends. We know Eddie Vedder, the lead singer for Pearl Jam, and the way he sings the song in a callous matter-of-fact tone. 

That was 1992. Now some 150 school shootings later, the song “Jeremy” has even greater relevance. In 1992, two school shootings took place in America. In just half a year in 2014 thus far, we’ve had 31 different occurences of violence in our nation’s learning institutions.

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