To Hell With Racism

We, unfortunately, exist in a nation that feels more divided among racial lines than it has in decades. We can blame that on Trump (he's an easy target, and not a totally incorrect one), we can blame the government, and we can blame the media. There are varying factors that are real among all of those groups. But at the core of it, racism is a vile lie that is birthed in the very pits of hell. It is a despicable reality that is fueled by Satan himself.

Why I'm Voting for Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin has virtually zero chance of winning the presidential election. To think otherwise is foolish posturing, something McMillan himself isn't even doing. He knows the likelihood is that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will win Tuesday's election. So what's the point of even trying to run against them? 

Feminism is not "The F Word"

The obvious strategy in playing a game of Guess Who with someone is choosing a person on your board that is relatively common with few distinguishable features. Objective: make it as difficult as possible for your opponent to narrow down the choices to one person.

Should a Christian Vote for Donald Trump?

The long-standing partisanship of the Christian's voting record is rather obvious, if not also flawed. Most Christians vote Republican. There may be some that lean more to the middle than the right on economic and social issues, but by in large, Christians go red in every election. So will the trend stay the same no matter who represents to GOP in next November's presidential election? More specifically, if he is the candidate chosen, should Christians vote for Donald Trump?

When Brilliance Kills Itself

"I'm tired of blogs that try to tie suicide up with a deranged bow, one that's ugly but still gives closure. I'm tired of reading the blaming of people for the depression they cannot escape. I'm tired of searching, attempting to reason. I don't struggle with it. I can't reason it."