Why I'm Voting for Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin has virtually zero chance of winning the presidential election. To think otherwise is foolish posturing, something McMillan himself isn't even doing. He knows the likelihood is that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will win Tuesday's election. So what's the point of even trying to run against them? 

Because like so many other Americans, McMullin realizes the two choices we've been given from the two major parties are corrupt, immoral, and indecent. Qualities many of us feel don't belong in the White House.

Like many of you, I’ve struggled over the past several months about this election. I don't deem it as necessarily more important than other elections we've had, but as a year for a presidential election, it does carry significance. 

As a lifelong conservative, I've often voted for the Republican candidate on the ticket. It was never that I thought the Democratic choice was bad or evil, I simply disagreed with their stances on many issues. Now, in 2016, I find two candidates at the top of the ticket that I not only disagree with but am disappointed in. Hillary Clinton, whose policies I could not disagree more with in most instances, is avoiding any discipline whatsoever for what is, at minimum, extreme neglect of security protocol with her email scandal, something that if it was done by nearly any other person would be at least a fireable offense if now one punishable by law. 

Then there's Donald Trump, a man who has said things that you would expect a 19-year-old frat boy to say. The problem is, Trump is trying to become the leader of the free world. Trump has made comments that have been xenophobic, racist, and most notably, sexist and crude. He has made fun of a disabled reporter. He has attacked not only his opponents but gone as far as to attack their wives. He has flip-flopped on several key issues many Republicans are passionate about, to the point that it's hard to know if he is truly a Republican or not.

When Trump officially secured the GOP nomination, I began to wonder what I would do at the voting booth. I've voted for Republican nominees before that weren't my personal choice, but none of those individuals had such questionable character. I struggle to find wise counsel from Christians regarding Trump because the voices are all over the map. Sure, God can use even the vilest of individuals to serve His purpose, but is that a good enough excuse to cast a vote for Trump? Is it enough that James Dobson calls Trump a baby Christian to cause believers to vote for him? And if God can use even Trump, can He not also use Hillary Clinton?

I felt convicted that my vote (as everyone else's) is not simply to be done like a coin to a wishing well ("hopefully Trump surrounds himself with good people"), and my vote is not simply a protest vote against a candidate I don't like ("if you vote for anyone other than Trump, you're voting for Hillary!"), and my vote is not dictated by my party affiliation or by the fact that two parties control to country. My vote is dictated by my conscience. Voting for Hillary Clinton would violate my very morals and beliefs that make up my conscience because I cannot willfully vote for someone who so blatantly disregarded security clearance with emails (even if it was pure ignorance) and for someone with such shameful disregard for the unborn. Likewise, my conscience will not allow me to vote for a man who feels that his power gives him the right to sexually assault women, or a man who has seemingly no firm stance on abortion, or a man who has some questionable foreign policy ideas.

Evan McMullin represents the conservative platform the Republican Party used to represent. Lesser government, strong on national security, and a proponent of religious freedom. And while he may be new on the national scene, he is not without an impressive resume of experience. As a CIA operative, McMullin literally spent time overseas confronting terrorism head on. He has experience in the business world, working in investment banking. More recently, he served as a senior advisor for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and then became the chief policy director of the House Republican Conference. Without question, he has the experience to be president.

Evan McMullin provides exactly what Republicans (and Democrats that are disgusted at choosing either of the top candidates are looking for. His platform is built on decency, sticking to the issues, and providing an option for voters that won't make them feel like they have to walk away from the voting booth ashamed.

No, he probably won't win. But a vote for Evan McMullin lets Washington know how sick we are of the options they've given us. Better still, it won't violate our conscience. 

Questions I've been asked:

Q: Why vote for someone who has no chance to win? 

A: There are a lot of moments in life we have many options to choose from. Our personal choice may not always be the popular one, but it is OUR choice. If moral conviction for you is strong enough to question the two major candidates, there is absolutely no reason not to consider a different option. That applies to this year more than ever before.

Q: I've heard McMullin is being paid by Hillary to run just to steal votes from Trump?

A: While I have no way to disprove this, I would argue that it's nonsense that either major candidate would want any other independent candidates to run. Plus, you could just as easily say Trump is paying Jill Stein for the same reason. Take your tinfoil hats off folks. Not everything in life is a conspiracy.

Q: I've never heard of Evan McMullin. Why would I choose him over the other third-party candidates?

A: That's up to you. For me, McMullin represents my values much more closely than either Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Plus, I bet Evan knows what Aleppo is.

Q: Ok, fine Eddie. But isn't your vote really just the same as voting for Hillary?

A: Realistically, living in South Carolina, nothing I do will change much. Trump should win here easily. Again, it's about not violating your conscience when you vote.

Q: Look, we don't love Trump either, but why not vote for him just to keep Hillary out of office?

A: The lesser of two evils is still evil. I have no more confidence in Trump leading this country than I do Hillary Clinton. And the argument that you're not voting in favor of Trump, but only in opposition of Hillary is bogus. You case votes FOR someone. If you vote FOR Trump, you're saying you think he is fit to lead the country. I don't believe he is.

Q: Ok, you have me intrigued. Where do I find out more about Evan McMullin?

A: Easy! Go here and see if you agree with his stance on the issues: https://www.evanmcmullin.com/issues

Q: But what if he's not on my state's ballot?

A: Go here to see how you can still vote even if he's not! https://www.evanmcmullin.com/vote

Q: Does McMullin have a running mate?

A: He sure does! Her name is Mindy Finn and she seems awesome! https://www.evanmcmullin.com/about_mindy