Making God Jealous or: "God Never Likes My Instagram Posts!"

The drama of high school opposite sex relationships is real. It may not seem like it now, but place yourself back in that time in your life (even if that means walking back 20 years in time like myself). You dated someone, and you broke up with them or they broke up with you and before you realized it, you were in the "I've moved on and found someone better than you" game.

Why Is Talking to God So Awkward?

Really though, most of all, you'd love to be honest. Having a walk with God, a relationship with Jesus, or a life full of faith is not easy. Worse, it's not even perfectly defined or laid out in a well-organized manner.

Why is that? Why is having a close relationship with the God who created us so...tricky?

Laughing at God

She laughed because the idea was senseless. This was some convoluted story for the National Inquirer. This was a headline from The Onion. This was a near mockery of the human body and a woman's biological clock. Laughter had to be the only logical reaction to such absurdity.

Searching For Something

It’s tradition for many families at Christmas time to sit and read the account of the birth of Christ from Luke 2.  We get all the big important details here, but the chapter keys on the angels telling the shepherds about Jesus’ birth.

5 Reasons Men Should Serve in Children's Ministry

Pick any typical evangelical church in America on any given Sunday. Walk down the halls where the youngest of children are fluttering about: some crying, some playing, and some deep in thought about that morning's Bible lesson. Peek into the individual classrooms. See the babies being rocked, toddlers stumbling around, and the preschool kids singing worship songs. Then amidst all the sweet busyness of the children's ministry, ask yourself one painfully obvious question: where are all the men?

What if I (Cause You to) Stumble?

Twenty years ago, DC Talk released an album that would turn the contemporary Christian music world on its head. Jesus Freak, a record as outstanding as its simple title would suggest, boasted numerous hits. Of all the songs 90’s youth group kids were spiritually compelled by, none connected so well as the song What If I Stumble?

8 Things I Wish Jesus Had Never Said

It’s the commandments. It’s His treatment of the ones I deem unlovable in my own mind. It’s the drawn out parables used to teach lessons that cut to the very core of my heart and soul. It’s the not only difficult sayings of Jesus, it’s the ones that frustrate us, that confound us and convict us.

21 Things That Don't Define You

Am I loved? Am I respected? Am I important?

These are questions that saunter quietly through our mind each morning as we look in the mirror. Questions that focus in on our identity: who we say we are, who we think we are and who the world perceives us to be.

5 Things Christians Should Stop Saying

We all seem to have moments where our mouth seems to be shaped perfectly for our foot to stick in. We can say ignorant things, hurtful things and downright stupid things to other people. Often it’s done with good intentions. Yet good intentions don’t cover up what can be off-putting to other people.

Things I Wish Jesus Had Never Said: Matthew 4:4

I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It’s probably my preference of lunch food on most occasions. Without it, I don’t know if I would have survived college cafeteria food. But as far as my enjoyment of creamy peanut butter mixed with the appropriate amount of grape (NOT strawberry) jelly can take me, I can’t imagine eating it every day. For every single meal. For….forty years.