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The Gospel of the Man in Black

Johnny Cash would be 85 years old today if he were still around. His legacy obviously lives on through his songs. But unlike most great musicians who pass on and leave a legacy of little more than great musical artistry, Cash did more. His legacy was loving those that nobody else would dare love. His legacy was connecting with those nobody else dared to connect with.

Making God Jealous or: "God Never Likes My Instagram Posts!"

The drama of high school opposite sex relationships is real. It may not seem like it now, but place yourself back in that time in your life (even if that means walking back 20 years in time like myself). You dated someone, and you broke up with them or they broke up with you and before you realized it, you were in the "I've moved on and found someone better than you" game.

Why Is Talking to God So Awkward?

Really though, most of all, you'd love to be honest. Having a walk with God, a relationship with Jesus, or a life full of faith is not easy. Worse, it's not even perfectly defined or laid out in a well-organized manner.

Why is that? Why is having a close relationship with the God who created us so...tricky?

5 Reasons Men Should Serve in Children's Ministry

Pick any typical evangelical church in America on any given Sunday. Walk down the halls where the youngest of children are fluttering about: some crying, some playing, and some deep in thought about that morning's Bible lesson. Peek into the individual classrooms. See the babies being rocked, toddlers stumbling around, and the preschool kids singing worship songs. Then amidst all the sweet busyness of the children's ministry, ask yourself one painfully obvious question: where are all the men?

Lecrae Is a Much Welcomed "Anomaly"

The key may be avoiding selling out to either side of the proverbial religious fence. Lecrae does a phenomenal job of creating quality rhymes mixed with sounds and guest vocalists like you would hear on many secular albums. He isn't afraid of approaching topics many Christian rappers before didn't touch. Like Lecrae himself says "Music doesn't need to be categorized, it just needs to be good." 

The Lesson OITNB Teaches? Everyone Has a Story

OITNB does more than peel back the curtain on the lives of the women who are spending months and years in prison; it completely rips down the shades and shatters the window so we can walk step in step with the ladies in their lives before prison.

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Good Christian...B*tches?

I admit, my first inclination was to frantically search the ABC webpage for a link I could click on to voice my complaint.  Surely there was some well-thought-out left-winged conspiracy to attack Christianity through mainstream media.  An exec on a crusade against God needing to blatantly portray his anti-conservative views. 

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The Celebrity Sin We Tend To Ignore

Amanda Bynes set herself on fire a few weeks ago.  She literally lit her pant leg aflame, and were it not for some concerned citizens, she may have endured serious injury.  It was just the latest in bizarre behavior from Bynes, someone who is enjoying her celebrity by smoking some weed and getting arrested for driving with a suspended license.

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