Seeing God

Kids can be cute.  My kids specifically, of course.  They’re both sweet girls that are at the magical ages where they really think that mommy or daddy kissing a “boo-boo” makes them feel better.  Ages where they can’t watch many movies because the slightest conflict makes them uneasy, even scared.  Ages where every step, run, jog, skip, and prance is cautious, yet at the same time full of intended wonder and excitement.

And they’re at the age where so much of what they say about God and Jesus and all of the Bible stories they’re learning is…fun.  They know God made the rain and flowers, they love the story of Jonah and the big fish, and they know Jesus died for their sins.  But sometimes what they say comes across as a thought more insightful than any commentary, and blog post, and any message from any pastor.

One night last week as we ended our nightly devotion before bedtime.  Macy said she wanted to see God.  Being the forward-thinking father I am, I said “Macy what do you want to say to God?”

Without missing a beat, she said “I want to just see God and not talk to Him.”

At first, I wondered why?  I mean, who could sit at the feet of the Creator of the universe and not want to immediately speak to Him?  Not hurl question after question at Him that our finite minds can come up with?

Then I thought…maybe Macy is on to something.  Maybe seeing God is enough.  More than enough.  Maybe just being in the presence of the King of Kings is, by itself, an honor so humbly rewarding we need no words.  

But how could Macy, my blonde haired blue eyed princess of all things sweet an innocent think this up?  Is it that she has faith enough already to rest in what God says?  

Needless to say, this was all a touch convicting.

My little girl, knowingly or not, showed that the simple glimpse of the Glory of God, the mere appearance of His face, is enough.  Far more than enough to satisfy our souls.  

“He says, ‘Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” -Psalm 46:10