Christian Man Wins Tenth Consecutive Facebook Debate

 Steve Dobbins would not be denied.

Steve Dobbins would not be denied.

ATLANTA, GA-  Steve Dobbins threw his fists in the air and yelled "Got him!", acknowledging victory in a week-long debate with a Facebook friend.

"He came at me strong with links to various independent sites," Dobbins said, "but I nailed them with the most recent article from" Dobbins had been involved in the heated political exchange since last Friday when an acquaintance he had not seen or spoken to in twelve years posted a negative status about Donald Trump.

Winning didn't come easy though. "I knew I was under the gun when his posts were well-articulated and non-condescending." Dobbins put the nail in his friend's proverbial Facebook coffin with a separate status update using a Bible verse taken out of context.

"I feel good. God really gave me the strength I needed with this debate." Dobbins plans are to relax for an hour or so, then go visit his liberal friends' pages to see what "shameful left-wing" things they're posted that he needs to comment on. Robbins' win was his tenth consecutive Facebook debate victory, bringing his career record to 26-1. 

"My one loss was after I had posted some great points about a link a friend shared," Robbins says, shaking his head. "Come to find out the link was to an article from The Onion."