Select Walmart Stores to Install "50 Items or More" Self-Checkout Lanes

BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS- In a continued effort to better serve its diverse customer base, Walmart has announced plans to install "50 Items or More" self-checkout lanes. The move comes after complaints from literate customers in the "10 Items or Less" lane. Common sense abiding patrons saw numerous lane abusers bringing as much as two full grocery carts of items to scan themselves.

"You're there trying to get a few things quickly, but these people are spending 30 minutes checking out their own groceries" vented Walmart shopper Delores James. "If there was another place in town for me to get snow tires and a box of Fudge Rounds, I'd go there instead. Walmart has taken over."

Ms. James isn't the only one concerned about the length of time spent checking out at Walmart. 9 of 10 "10 Items or Less" customers expressed anger over the situation. 1 out of 10 are teenagers on their phones that aren't paying attention to people in front of them.

The decision from Walmart comes as no shock to the majority of shoppers. "This is a convenience move," says Dean Winston, store manager of the Amarillo, Texas store. "Now those moms who bring all eight of their kids in to shop can buy their family groceries for the week and not have to risk communicating with one of our cashiers."

One resident of Amarillo is excited about the new addition to the store. "You have no idea how big this is for me," said Wanda Avery, pregnant mom of 4. "It's an awful feeling to have all those people in line staring at me while I'm scanning 20 different Hungry Man dinners." 

There will be no limit on types of items purchased in the "50 Items or More" lanes. Cribs, mouse pads, shovels, Spongebob pajamas, Q-tips, emoji pillows, cases of Bud Light, jumbo packs of Swedish Fish, yards of camouflage fabric, window air conditioners, family size cans of ketchup, a variety of Jeff Foxworthy books, bicycles, and fishing supplies will all be allowed to come through the lanes.

Install of the new lanes will begin in stores where the most food items are sold starting in Texas and spreading east to the Carolinas. The new self-checkout lanes will be open throughout the day but will close from the hours of 4:00-10:00 pm, the time when stores are busiest. It's company policy to then have no more than two lanes open in the entire store.