The Walk Away Dads

 Art Alexakis couldn't have known his personal darkness would turn into rock music gold. He couldn't have known telling the all-too-common tale of absentee fatherhood would net him a hit single.

An Open Letter To Cosmo Magazine

"So what's my beef with you? I'd be a hypocrite if I said I didn't at some point in my life appreciate your magazine. In my high school days us guys would scam a Cosmo from the girls and read the (sexual) stories of readers and articles you'd publish. Why? Because we were 16, and immature, and perverts."

Saga of a Girly Dad

Not long after the giggles from tickles are done, my wife looks at me and tosses me the oddest of compliments: “Eddie, you’re such a good girly dad.”

As a red-blooded, steak eating, sports loving American man, I took offense to her statement initially. After all, as men we’re taught being “girly” in any sense is an affront to manhood.

But my wife wasn’t referring to my masculinity: she was talking about how my fathering was great at adapting to the wants and needs of my daughters.

5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Spouse

It doesn’t take long to realize this old saying is a big fat lie. While the sticks and stones certainly hurt us physically, words can cut like knives into us mentally and emotionally. This is especially true of our spouses.

There are any number of things you shouldn’t say to your spouse, but here are five things you may definitely want to reconsider saying before you do so.

Why I Threw Out My Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

As a sports magazine company, it’s obvious why this annual issue exists: men love women, or at least ones that have generous curves, golden skin, and are essentially naked.  It was reported that the swimsuit issue of SI alone now generates more profit than all the other issues throughout the year combined.  Yep.  Sex sells. 

The Value of Fatherhood

Too many dads today are consumed with their careers, chasing every last sale, every potential client, every perfection possible to eliminate any negative perception from their corporate peers.

A Grace Frosty

My intent was not to reward her for her behavior.  It certainly wasn’t to ignore the way she had disrespected my wife/her mother.

My intent was to show her what grace is all about.

How To Fight With Your Wife (And Win!)

I hate decorative pillows.  That seems like a rather harmless innate object to hold such strong feelings about, but I do.  They serve zero purpose.  You can’t sleep on them.  You have to move them every time you get in the bed.  For some reason, they’re sometimes not even called decorative pillows, but rather “shams”.

Men, Get Out Of the High School Locker Room

We’re in a world now where, despite all the advances made by women, in too many ways they still get the shaft.  All the laws in the world the equalize work wages for women, voting rights, etc. can’t switch around the filthiest ignorant mind of some men.