A Tribute to the Class of '99

The 18th Anniversary of anything doesn’t seem significant. But if you perform the math correctly, this summer all of us who graduated in 1999 will have, more or less, spent more time out of “childhood” than in it. More time out of being “school age” than being in it. More time as true adults instead of just minors.

Nine Ways You Know It's Time to Quit Your Job

How's your job? Do you love it? Like it? Tolerate it? What about hate it? What about downright despise it to the point you could care less if they fired you? That may seem extreme, but a lot of times it gets to that point before people finally move on from a job they're not made to do. Here are 9 ways you'll know when it's time to quit your job.

Growing Older is a Gift, Not a Curse

Those were the best days of my life,” sings Bryan Adams in his song, “Summer of ’69.”

The nostalgia of the song is found in a man’s reflection on his past; more specifically his high school years—a time of garage bands, young love and freedom. But if you can peel yourself away for a moment from your own personal strolls down memory lane that the song may bring up, ask yourself this question: were whatever days you are thinking of really the best days of your life?

How Do Leaders Get Others To Follow?

Business leaders, pastors, teachers, coaches, captains, organization overseers, presidents, and retail managers that are successful all do one thing that really sets them apart.  One thing that broadens their influence and heightens their status among others.  One thing that garners respect and loyalty.  One thing that creates an atmosphere of inclusion.  Something that all of us, regardless of our job title can do to make ourselves better but even more importantly enhance the lives of those around us.  

The Best Birthday Gift I Ever Got

Our Christmases and birthdays (and some other occasions) tend to, at times, revolve around gifts. Ones that have nylon bows and curled ribbons. Ones in shiny wrapping covering mysterious boxes. Ones that are heavy, ones that are light. Ones that get us excited yet can let us down. Ones that we open nonchalantly but ultimately rock our worlds in the best way.

Rules for Social Media or: Hard Lessons from the Live Journal Era

Not long after I shared my pathetic heartbroken rant on Live Journal, the girl called me and let me know in so many words that she didn’t appreciate me writing the post and using her name. If it were TMZ, I was the sensationalizing journalist taking unfounded liberties with a story and she was the actress putting an end to the tale before it got worse.