Men, Get Out Of the High School Locker Room

Some men these days…many seem to act like boys.  Like teenage boys.  Boys standing around with their buddies in a high school locker room.  They think like juveniles, and even worse, talk like and act like them.  

Upon reading this article the other night, several thoughts came to my mind.  The one that stood out the most was pretty basic: why are some men such jerks?

Not all men are, although I’m sure each man can attest to at some point in their life being one.  But there are some who find some twisted entitlement to treat other people, especially women, as some lesser species.  Almost as if they were a breed of dog, and we’re allowed to keep them chained to the tree outside no matter what the temperature drops to.

Now with the wonders of social media and the obscurity of virtual anonymity, any schmuck can hide behind a keyboard (or smart phone) and spout of things that would get them arrested if they were said face to face or even over the telephone.

We’re in a world now where, despite all the advances made by women, in too many ways they still get the shaft.  All the laws in the world the equalize work wages for women, voting rights, etc. can’t switch around the filthiest ignorant mind of some men.

After all, we do live in a society that knows selling a cheeseburger is much easier if a model in a bikini is shown eating it.  We do live in a society where female sportscasters can’t even travel without fear of being secretly videotaped in the privacy of their hotel room (Erin Andrews anyone?).  We do live in a society where, during just the time span of Super Bowl weekend, thousands of teenage girls will be trafficked around the nation and more around the world to appease the sick sexual fantasies of perverted men.

So does it even really shock us when a female journalist shares her view points, and some sicko who disagrees with her in turn threatens to rape her?  Is that how we are to make our counter points now?  Hide behind a twitter account, send a few threats, and laugh it up with the fellas.  

Like a high school locker room.  Some men are still there, snickering at the girls and the silly notion that they’re people worthy of forming their own thoughts and opinions.

Some men are still there passing around pictures of a pornographic nature with the other boys.  Talking about the cheerleaders or the soccer girls or the new girl in class in ways that would make any decent person cringe.

Some men are still there pointing out notches in their belt from the latest sex act they did with a girl known only as “bitch” or “slut”.  Boasting about what they managed to convince some other girl to do for them, maybe with the help of some alcohol or just smooth talking.

Some men are still there now with their smart phones texting and “sexting” with otherwise relatively innocent girls who made the mistake of thinking this one boy really cares for them.

Some men haven’t grown up.  Some men never will.  Sadly, there’s little we can do to change some men.

Ladies, here’s how you can help: don’t marginalize yourselves to what the mirror shows you.  Your worth is not defined by the pounds on the scale, the size of your waist, or the pimples on your face.

Your confidence doesn’t need to come from likes on selfies you post on instagram.  Your beauty is not justified by what is shown on the cover of Cosmo.  

And do not let the men of this world who act as if they’re in a high school locker room stop you from being exactly what you’re supposed to be.  Be creative.  Write.  Think.  Love what you love without fear.  Look beyond designer labels and cover models.  You are an image bearer of God.  Be as such.

The boys of the locker room will always (unfortunately) exist.  They’ll be there when you’re 16, and when you’re 27, and when you’re 45, and when you’re in your 60s.  But they don’t define you.  

The one man who does define you gave His life for you, and loves you more than anyone else.  Take comfort in that.  Be confident in that.  That even when the world doesn’t love you, Christ does.