The Most Awesome Photo Ever of Mike Tyson

 (photo by Neil Leifer)

(photo by Neil Leifer)

Something about this photo…

Sports photographer Neil Leifer snapped this incredible picture in June of 2002.  This is Mike Tyson holding his baby, which in and of itself is quite the dichotomy between brut strength and fragile innocence.  Then we learn the context….

Tyson was just coming off of being knocked out in the eighth round of a heavyweight title bout with Lennox Lewis.  This would also be just months before, due to numerous financial struggles, Tyson would file for bankruptcy.  

This picture shows that, when the victories turn to losses, when the fortunes turn to rust, the things in our life that are most fragile, most dependent, and most helpless are the things we need the most.

Hold a baby in your arms.  Remember the feeling?  Life changing, isn’t it?

When my day has failed, when the clouds lose all silver lining, coming home to a loving wife and my little girls remind me of the blessings I’m most in need of.